Friday, December 7, 2012


Happy Friday!! Hope you have all survived this week happy and healthy!

Our week consisted of a whole lot of staying home, staying cozy, and *cough* germ free *cough*.

It's no secret that one of my biggest anxieties is germs. Mainly, germs that make me, or my loved ones, throw up. Petrified of vomit doesn't really even begin to explain what I feel at this time of year. And hearing that Macomb County is number 1 on the list of counties currently being trampled by the stomach virus, really didn't help matters. So I took it upon myself to make ZERO plans for us this week. We just stayed inside, where we were safe from those God awful germs, and let me say, I have loved every single second of it.

Most days, we didn't get out of our PJ's until nap time. And then? Just into sweats.
I enjoyed a few nap time baths, which were pure bliss.
I found great relief in my Lysol spray, and knowing that once everything was sprayed, we were good, because we weren't going anywhere to pick up any other germs.

Sounds insane, I know. But you know what? This is what works for me. Jeremy even commented Wednesday night that I seemed to be in a much better mood. And I knew exactly why. Because I wasn't stressed and freaked out over what I exposed myself and Landon to that day. I knew we were safe. I've slept better, knowing that Landon (most likely) wasn't going to wake up puking. I've just relaxed entirely. It has been wonderful. And I'm elated for a Friday night in with my boys, and a whole weekend of curling up inside, too.

Anxiety DOES come, when I think about the next couple weeks. Next week alone, we have things that require us to be out of the house nearly every day. One of which is Landon's 18 month well check. Which will take us right to the center of the germ fest at the pediatricians office. BUT. I have (as usual) been doing my research, and you bet your ass that as soon as we get home, his clothes will come off, and he will be in the bathtub. Obsessive? Maybe. Keeping my sanity? Definitely. Am I dumb enough to think that my neurosis will 100% keep us safe? No. I know it's still possible to get it, and sadly, we probably will. I'm sure it'll creep in on Jeremy when he comes home from work one day. But, at least I'll know I have done everything I could to prevent it.

What saddens me most, is that next weekend holds two Christmas parties, a Santa brunch, and a birthday party for us, and I know, the freak in me probably won't truly enjoy herself. She'll be watching every face, wondering if they always look that way, or if they are sick. Watching every move Landon makes, afraid he's going to touch something and then put his hands in his mouth, and that's it. Game over. It's ridiculous, and I know it is, but it's who I am. And I'm trying to control it all with insane amounts of hand sanitizer, Lysol spray, and seclusion. But I know I can't do it 24/7. I would probably get some pretty nasty looks if I started spraying other peoples children with Lysol. But hey, all of you who are going to be at one or more of these crazy germ fests we'll be at next weekend, do me (and really, everybody else) a favor, and if you or your kids have been sick within the week, think about skipping out. I can promise you if it is me or my family, we won't be there. I can handle a stuffy nose, I can handle a sore throat. I CANNOT handle it when people show up, and after their child has stuck their face right into Landon's, they tell me, "Oh yeah, she was throwing up all night. But she seems ok now!" NO. She's not ok. Do your research. She's still spreading it. 6 hours of puke free doesn't make her safe. I promise.

Ok. I know I sound like an overbearing, crazy of a person. And I probably am. But come on. Does ANYBODY enjoy being sick? No. So why inflict it on anybody else just so you don't miss out on a few drinks and laughs. Really. End rant.

On a happier note, today has been the epitome of our happy days inside. Woke up, ate our breakfast and played, I FINALLY finished addressing the last group of Christmas cards, so we took a trip to the post office in our PJ's (just drove through, I'm not that girl, I promise). Came home, and since there was a break in the rain, and Landon was deserving of some fresh air, we bundled up and went for a walk! It was brisk, but it felt good! Came back, had a little dance party with Dora, ate lunch, and now I have a happily napping child, and I just took my second nap time, mid-afternoon bath of the week. Lovely. Going to enjoy the quiet and just let myself relax for a while, then whip up some dinner in the crock pot, and plan a night in of movie watching and cuddling with my fellas. Sounds pretty perfect to me!

Hope you all have a wonderful, sick-free, weekend!

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