Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Resolution Status

So I've been trying to gauge, as the days go by, where I'm at with my resolutions.

Most days, I'm feeling like I'm failing. Other days, I feel like I'm rocking it.

But all days, I feel like I must be doing something right when I hear Landon say "Mommy" for the thousandth time, or when he stops playing, dead in his tracks, to come give me a hug. Those are the moments that make the rest worth it.

It feels like there are a million things going on, and yet I can't seem to figure out how to update on them all.

I have been an organizing / cleaning fool around here, for a number of reasons. But mostly, because it's making me feel like I'm actually doing something with myself. We are pretty much hiding out because every time I turn on the news there are horror stories of how horrible the flu is right now, and we get nightly phone calls from my mother in law asking us if we're still healthy, AND every time I log on Facebook, someone else seems to be sick. {I'm really, really trying my hardest to avoid facebook at all costs, simply because hearing about people puking gives me massive anxiety. Some days I am really successful. Other days ... not so much}. And by the way, yes, I know that the "Flu" is not the same as the puking bug. But I would like avoid BOTH, if we can.

So. That's where we're at. Huddled up inside. Cleaning. Organizing. Loving. Practicing patience when Landon tries to test it.

A success story of patience? When I fished poop out of the bathtub, had to drain the tub, clean it, and then restart the whole process. I started to lose it when, after the naked baby got hit with cold water he had a total meltdown and refused to get back into the tub,  but I pulled myself back together, and laughed at the situation. Growth.

A serious failure of patience? Wanting to cry while watching Landon dump out the ENTIRE bag of blocks for probably the 47th time today. In fact, I did tear up. BUT. I didn't scream, I didn't yell, I didn't get mad. But I did feel defeated. Majorly. The kisses I got afterwards made up for it. Totally.

The fact that we survived FOUR time outs today, and his actions deemed him worthy of probably about four more that I just didn't have the energy to dole out, but we're still standing = growth. Although, I am beyond excited for bed tonight, not going to tell a lie.

But for now, I have a toddler crawling on my lap, giving me repeated kisses, and a bowl full of ice cream waiting for me. That, my friends, is all I need.

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