Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Happy

It was a special day around here today. It was pumpkin day. Time to paint. Time to carve. Time to dig. And it went surprisingly well with our crazy little guy. Pictures will do a much better job at describing it (with some of my ridiculous comments included), so here ya go.

{Disclaimer: We know our child's hair is longer than necessary, much longer. We aren't doing it purposely. It grows faster than sin, and we have pictures coming up. We are just trying to hold off until as close as we can. Yes, it is driving me crazy. Also, he generally is always dressed, really. But when paint and pumpkin guts are involved, my OCD doesn't allow for clothes to be on.}

My perfect little pumpkin and his perfect little pumpkin.

Checking out all the angles. This is how an artist prepares himself to create a masterpiece.

"Now listen, man. I'm gonna paint you. And you're going to be pretty sweet. I know you think you're already gorgeous, but just wait."

Let's do this!

Hard at work.

The masterpiece. 

"That's what I made?"

Proud of his work!

I think he was a little embarrassed that his big ol' belly kind of resembles the big ol' pumpkin.

He was a little unsure of the situation goin' on inside the pumpkin for the first few minutes.

But...eventually the curiosity won out and he was all about it.

And then he went to work. Pulling out He would have sat and done this for the rest of the night, if his parents had the time and the patience. 

The final product. Yes, we still did it even though they are down by 3 games. Because we're REAL fans. And we still love them. Even if they get swept tonight. But we still have faith in our boys. But ya know what, second place ain't too shabby, and we're proud. 

And yes, we're all also dressed in Tigers gear. With our Tigers pumpkin. Maybe we're obsessed. We're ok with that.

And of course, the best part of pumpkin carving, aside from the memories, the baked seeds....
Oh yum.

Other than our pumpkin adventures, today included some time out of the house with my Mom. Which was beyond needed. Yesterday I hit a wall. A brick one. A brick wall of total exhaustion, overwhelm-ment(?), and desperation. Jeremy works 6 days a week. Has class until 10 on Mondays. Coaches soccer until 8 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have something going on with my body, thyroid, hormone imbalance, something, whatever it is, I'm dead weight. Landon is a crazy. I am NOT complaining, please, please, please understand that. I LOVE my life. I love my son, my husband, my home. But every mom out there knows, sometimes it just all adds up and gets to be a little much. I won't apologize for it. Yes, I only have ONE child. Yes, my husband is home in bed with me every night, not traveling, not overseas. I don't know how those moms do it. Sarah, I don't know how you do it with four and a husband who is always out of town for work. I really don't. So please don't think that I'm taking any of it for granted. I'm not. I also know my limits, and I know when I'm reaching them. And yesterday, I did. So today, I got to go out and go to lunch with my mom. Go shopping. Just leisurely wander around stores, without chasing Landon. Without him screaming. Without just trying to find what I wanted and get out. We didn't have anything we were looking for, we were just looking. And at our own pace. With each other. And it was wonderful. Thank you, Mom. You re-energized me today. I love you, and if I never thanked you for being a kick ass stay at home mom when I was little, I'm thanking you now. I never gave you the credit you deserved. 

Oh....and another re-energizing element of the day? LANDON USED THE POTTY. PEED ON THE POTTY. I know there are going to be moms that are telling me I'm doing this way too early, and probably damaging him for life. But you can just take that criticism somewhere else. We have a routine. (Amost) Every night we take a bath, and after the bath, before I can get a diaper on him, he pees. On his bedroom floor. On his white carpet. So after months and months of cleaning up his pee, and trying to find faster ways to get a diaper on him (and yes, I tried it in the bathroom too, but then I was just washing my bath mat daily. The kid is like a puppy, he only does it on soft carpeted areas), I decided I would bust out the potty. I'd set him on it, and if he went, that's great. If he didn't, that's ok, we'd keep working. We've been doing this for over a month. The first few nights, he would sit on the potty for a few minutes, and then as soon as he stood up, he would pee. I would pick him right up and put him back on the potty, but of course, he'd be done. And now there was a line of pee from the place he started to the place he finished. Tonight, it finally happened. He sat down, he peed, he smiled, and he clapped. He knew he did it. And that kid got so many kisses and claps and screams, it's a little insane. But his milestone was my milestone, and I feel pretty amazing about it. Yes, I know it won't happen every night. It might not happen again until he's two. That's ok. It happened tonight. And I'll take it. 

For now, I need to go root for my Tigers. And eat my weight in pumpkin seeds. Perhaps sneak a bath. And then go to bed, feeling so much better than I did when I went to bed last night. And tomorrow, I'll wake up energized, and ready to take on the week. Hopefully.

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