Sunday, October 14, 2012

Making Strides

We've had a full weekend around here, and it has been fabulous!

Friday night, I had to work, but by work I mean run a party for some of my favorite women. I also mean that I got to snuggle a perfect, squishy, teeny tiny, one month old baby girl. Oh man. Just perfect.

It's weird how you forget about all the little noises. And the little movements. And all the little. She seemed SO tiny, and yet Landon was a good pound less than her. How was he SO small? And how is he now almost 17 months old and SO big? Where did that time go?? How is possible that I just brought his little potty upstairs tonight, and sat him on it for the first time? The POTTY!!! Holy Moses.

ANYWAY. Friday night was lovely. Got up bright and early Saturday morning to meet up with the same fabulous ladies for our annual breast cancer walk. Both Jeremy and I have lost grandmothers to the disease, and he has lost an aunt. It's something very close to our hearts, so it's always such an honor to be surrounded by such phenomenal women and walk to help find a cure.

Long story short, it was supposed to rain, and it held out until our drive home. Landon loved every second, especially the warm up session which allowed him to dance and clap like a maniac. Pictures will do the event much more justice than my words can.

These two dudes were layered with so many clothes, but they were such troopers.

This face pretty much sums up Gavin's experience at the event. I could just eat that little face!!!

Let me tell ya, he was a HUGE hit. His enthusiasm was definitely contagious!

The boys and their Grandmas! Jeremy's mom and her sister, Brenda. Two incredibly strong women that I'm proud to call my family.

Getting two toddlers to stand still long enough for a picture? Major work out.

The walkers there to represent our team, Beier's BooBea's. So, so, SO fortunate to call these women family. 

Ready to rock and roll!!!

He loved these cheerleaders, and they loved him. 

Gavin crossing the finish line!!! We did it, buddy!!!

He walked SO much of the walk on his own, and the ONE part we wanted him to run through with Gavin, he refused. All tuckered out. So Grandma took matters into her own hands. He looks thrilled, eh?

But of course, this was my view on the way home. A peaceful, worn out baby. 

It truly was a great morning. And the 3 and a half hour long nap we both took when we got home made the afternoon equally as great!

This morning we decided to tackle church. Figured we would try it. We haven't been to church as a family since probably April. We have a crazy toddler, remember? And today we were reminded why we haven't tackled it before now. I can't count how many times he climbed up and down the pew, how many times we said "Shhhh", or how many goldfish, fruit snacks, and animal crackers we went through. Lucky for us, we are the only ones that really sit up in the balcony, along with a couple that just adores Landon. They truly think they are his third set of Grandparents, and to be honest, we couldn't ask for a better third set. And Landon loves them. And, let's review, I love me some Grandpa's, and this grandpa is a class act. I love it. 

I will be the first to admit that on most days, Jeremy and I struggle to work as a "team" when it comes to Landon. We seem to have totally opposite views on so many things, and more often than not, we butt heads before we're able to compromise and come to an agreement. But today, somehow, everything aligned in just the right way, and he were a true tag team when it came to keeping the crazy toddler in check. And I'm pretty damn proud of us. Doesn't mean every day will be the same, I'm quite positive it won't be, but it's progress. And I mean, it's about damn time. He's almost 17 months old...

In other news, we have an office in our house. When I say "office", I mean a spare room with a huge desk in it. This desk is covered, and I mean covered in papers, books, receipts, and everything else....all that belong to Jeremy. Jeremy. Who has an office outside the house. Who doesn't do any WORK from home. This presents a problem because I DO work from home. And I have NO where to do it from. I am going CRAZY with my lack of organization. If you know me, you know I like things in a certain order. Right now, I have NO order for ANY of my business related "things". So my goal this week, is to make myself a workspace. It may have to be down in the basement, which would honestly, be pretty nice. I could work while Landon plays, and if I need to be alone to get things done, how much more secluded can I get than the basement? Although, I'm me, and I'm still "urked" that there is a whole room dedicated to being an "office" upstairs, and I have no part in it. Have you mentioned this to Jeremy, you ask? Why yes, I have. And I always get the same. "I'll work on it". Or "I cleared out a drawer for you...". Mmmm....not working. Time to take matters into my own hands. Stay tuned. There's no saying where this could lead.

Hope everyone else's weekend was wonderful, and here's to a great week!! :)

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