Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day, all! To all of you out there working your tails off for us each day, here's to you! Hope you enjoyed a day off today!

In honor of Labor Day, I figured I might as well go ahead and rant about something that is constantly on my mind, and people are constantly asking me (or criticizing me) about. The fact that I spent 5 years in college earning a degree that I'm not currently using. This is a sensitive subject, you've been forewarned.

I absolutely HATE when people say to me, "Wow, it seems like such a waste". A waste? Really? I spent 5 years learning how to be an adult. Meeting some AMAZING people (and some really, really awful people....but we won't get into that). 5 years were spent having a BLAST. Spent LEARNING. No, I don't think that's a waste.

I also really HATE when people say to me, "So you just weren't cut out for working?". Um....seriously? Let's get one thing straight: I graduated with a 4.0. That's right, a 4.0. I am NOT stupid. And "not cut out for working"? REALLY? I am raising a CHILD. I work 24/7. So don't go there.

And then there's....THAT. "You gave up a JOB to raise a KID?". Yep. Sure did. And I don't regret it for a second. I am doing the most important job in the WORLD. Do I get a little pang of sadness when I see all my teacher friends setting up their classrooms, getting ready to meet their students, and changing the lives of children everywhere? Of course. I spent 5 years learning to be a teacher. Something I wanted to be all my life. BUT. I also wanted to be a MOM all my life. And that's what I'm doing. I could spend my entire day with other peoples kids, or I could spend the whole day with my own. That's what I pick. And I'm lucky enough that my husband works as hard as he does so that I'm able to do that.

NOW. Listen to me VERY closely. I am NOT, in ANY way, shape or form, criticizing you moms who DO work. To me, you ALL qualify as "Super Mommies". I truly have NO idea how you run a house, raise children and work full time. You amaze me! Personally, and this is JUST ME, I know that if I was working outside the home, AND being mommy, I wouldn't be doing either to the best of my ability. I think I have too hard a time multi tasking (which believe me, makes for some very rough days around here with a 1 year old). And I have a serious issue with throwing my entire self into one thing, and one thing only. Right now, that's being a mom. If I was a mom and a teacher, I know I wouldn't be doing both 100%. When I was at school, I would be constantly wondering what Landon was doing at home. When I was at home, I would constantly be thinking about tomorrow's lesson plans, and that student who came to school today with a black eye.

There's another issue. While doing my student teaching in Grand Rapids, my first graders would come in DAILY telling me that "Mommy didn't come home last night" or "Daddy is in jail again". Two years ago, while working in a school district in Warren, I had a kindergarten student of mine picked up by Social Services. He wasn't going home anymore. I had to sit and hold a screaming, terrified five year old, while I TRIED to explain to him that it was ok, that these people would be nice to him. As he repeatedly asked me if he could just go home with me instead. It broke my heart. I came home and SOBBED for a good two hours. I didn't know if he'd be in school the next day, if I'd ever see him again. If I was a mother at that time, I would have lost my mind. That little boy was someones BABY. And he was being taken away. Probably because they weren't taking care of him. I quite honestly don't know if my mommy heart and teacher heart could combine and still survive. Just thinking about it makes me want to run into Landon's room and scoop him up and hug and kiss him. But no, I won't. Because the little monster has finally calmed down after a day of adventures and is sleeping peacefully. Remember how I said I'm not dumb? Yeah, my 4.0 won't let me wake him.

At the end of the day, I do NOT have to justify to ANYONE why I chose to let my degree sit in waiting while I raise my baby. And for the most part, when people make their ignorant remarks to me, I just smile, and sometimes laugh an uncomfortable laugh and change the subject. But this is MY blog, which means I can say exactly what I want to say to all those ignorant remarks. all my teacher friends heading into their first day of school tomorrow, have a GREAT day! I will be thinking of you all, and a small part of my heart will be those classrooms with you. But I'm going to hang out here, with my little dude. It'll be a regular ol' day. Breakfast, snuggles, Dora the Explorer, morning nap, our daily walk, lunch, playing in the sandbox, chasing the cat, nap time, snacks, reading, more cat chasing, making dinner, eating dinner, bath time, bedtime. In whichever order he chooses he wants to do it all in tomorrow. And I'll be working MY tail off ALL day. Trust me.

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  1. You were a GREAT student teacher.... just ask George :) She got him glasses ! And as a Mother.... THE BEST. Landon is one lucky little dude :)