Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Monday again!

We had a pretty good weekend around here. Friday night I worked, and was able to spend some time chatting it up with some mama's, which is always a good time. Saturday night I got to do the same, but without the working. Just got to sit around and chat. Have I said lately how much I LOVE moms? Because I really, really love moms. Let's face it, we're all in this together. We all need the same reassurance from each other, we all need to be able to laugh at our daily struggles, and to be honest, we all need a glass of wine from time to time. Did I mention there was chocolate too? Because there was.

Saturday night, I came home to a husband who deserves a little bit of praise here. I apologized for being so late, I didn't plan on staying as long as I did. He was so quick to tell me not to apologize, that he knows I needed the time away. He then proceeded on to put our son to bed, and then grill us hamburgers at 9 at night. I have myself a good man. Then we crawled into bed and laughed our butts off at "What to Expect When You're Expecting". A not so subtle reminder of what I'm in for when we decide to do this all again. As bad as my pregnancy was, I feel like I blocked out some things, of course not the worst things, just the merely inconvenient things. (Like....the pimples. Oh, the pimples)

But of course, our joy was short lived when our munchkin woke up screaming at 12:30 and pretty much didn't stop until day light. Runny nose, fever, cough, the whole nine yards. Pure misery for all involved, although of course, poor Lando got the raw end of the deal. So instead of a nice relaxing Sunday, we spent 2 hours sitting in urgent care waiting to find out that he has a double ear infection and upper respiratory infection. Ugh! I honestly am shocked as to how he even contracted this. With the vitamins he takes, and the amount of fruit he eats daily (it's really ungodly amounts.... even if we owned our own fruit farm, we'd probably still have to make trips to the grocery store to satisfy him), I thought we were building an awesome immune system. Of course, we were in the pediatrician's office last week for shots, which is basically a cesspool of germs. Gross. I need a doctor to come to my house like in the olden days. THAT would solve a lot of issues.

The rest of our weekend consisted of a LOT of snuggles, a LOT of tissues and boogie wipes, and a LOT of force feeding my poor, sick toddler medicine. Newsflash: he's not a fan, of any of it. Not the tylenol, not the advil, not the antibiotic. Which means every four hours = a major anxiety attack on mommy's part, and a major tantrum from Landon. By 7:00 last night, after being sneezed on an immeasurable amount of times, my throat had begun to hurt like a beeeeeetch. So I went to bed, after having a popsicle with my sick boy, and let the hubbs put him to bed. Again, he deserves praise. The rest of the night, Lando and I were on our own, while hubby slept peacefully. Landon did pretty good, only got up a couple times, and somehow amazingly, right at the four hour mark when he needed his next dose. But, I had taken Benadryl before laying down, so I was in a haze, and I think Jeremy sensed that, as he came into Landon's room at 2am to make sure I was giving him the right thing. Ha! Now that's team work.

Today, my monkey is doing better, still a little fever, and lots of coughs and snot, but better. He's currently playing with his blocks like the champ that he is, and I couldn't be more thankful, as I sit here popping throat drops like it's my job. I HATE this time of year and the gross illnesses that it brings. Boo.

But I better be feeling better tomorrow, because it's salon day, and every mama knows how much fun a  couple hours at the salon is, especially when you come out with a new hair color, and maybe a new spin on your hair cut. Stay tuned. This mama still isn't sure how she's going to come out tomorrow. And....panic.

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