Friday, September 7, 2012

On an IKEA high....

Hello, all!

So yesterday was the day. The day I wore the green jeans, for starters, and the day the BFF and I hit up IKEA.

First things first, the green jeans....I kind of felt like a vegetable. But everyone else swore they were ok. Remember, I am NOT a "fashion blogger", so the fact that the picture below was taken in our messy, messy, MESSY closet, with the help of a cheap, falling apart mirror, should only reiterate that point more. But I wanted to share the experience with you anyway. So...drumroll please....

So undecided on how I feel. I'm feeling like they'll be better in fall boot weather. Oh, and one more photo, because I just can't help myself, you'll see why.


So anyway. Starbucks in hand, we tackled IKEA. Determined to only buy what we needed, which is funny in itself, because we didn't really need anything. But we had a plan of attack and we were ready. Needless to say, we had to stop ourselves a couple times and revise our carts. Our drop zone before leaving was a little obnoxious. And yes, I did get suckered into buying the cinnamon rolls at the exit. This came as NO surprise to Megan, so it really shouldn't come as any to you, either. I'm a sucker for sweets.

After leaving I was having serious buyers remorse. What was I thinking!? I just bought so many things that I didn't need, and while I got out of there insanely cheaper than I thought I would, I was determined that I would be headed to divorce court when Jeremy saw it all. BUT. The BFF and her powers talked me into at least taking it all home and sitting on it for a week. Smart girl. Because once I got it all home, I instantly fell in love with it ALL, and now NONE of it will be going back. SO happy.

I let myself get a little carried away once we got home, and went straight to Michael's to buy supplies to make things to go with all my new purchases to reinvent my living room and bedroom. Glad to say, I was highly successful! Spent the rest of my day / night in the basement painting, painting, painting, and I am SO happy with the way everything came out! Here's a peek at my purchases and paintings ;)

The rug that started it all...OBSESSED!

Super adorable new planters for the mantle!

New curtains! To DIE for! And they totally pull all the beige from the living room in with all the new grey, just like Meg assured me they would. 

The canvas paintings I made for over the TV. Wasn't sure what I even wanted until I started working on it. And I love how it came out!!

Over the couch....really just an upgrade to what was already there, in the new colors! ;)

So that was the entirety of my day yesterday, and most of today as well. Our bedroom got a spruce up too, but I still have to hang curtains (Target bought, not IKEA, formerly in our living room until the new, fab curtains were bought), so I don't want to show anything until it's all done! The hubbs is headed to the Michigan game tomorrow, so it's on my Dad's to do list for the day, so check back then :)

On the mommy note, I found it slightly sad (but very budget friendly) how many items I would have bought yesterday until I told myself, "Landon would break that in 2 minutes". Ahh. Toddlerhood. It could really rain on a gal's parade if you let it. But no way. I would rather have a home free of breakables than constantly be screaming "NO!", which I would probably be doing at this very moment, as he drags a plastic golf club around, and hits random things at random intervals. And I have to say, he deserves a BIG award. He has been so patient with me these last couple days, as I painted feverishly in the basement while he entertained himself in his play room (don't call the cops, his play room is in the basement and within running distance from my paint station). And today, he ran all our errands with a smile on his face. Well, until he sat in the mud at the plant store. But hey, he's a boy. Not the first muddy butt he's had, and I'm positive it won't be his last. 

For now, I'm off to soak up some mommy / baby snuggles until the in laws arrive for dinner! Hope everyone has a great Friday!!! 

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