Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mama's BACK!

Happy Wednesday!

And I mean, really, really happy Wednesday! I kicked today's ass!!!

I decided to bite the bullet and buy the damn colored jeans. Why can't I be a cute mom? I can, dang it, and I'm going to be! Bought them in green and two tops to go with them. And I am in LOVE. Came home and went through my closet and found so many other shirts to go with them, and now I'm feeling determined that they will be a fall staple for me, and I'll probably wear them way more than even I'm expecting. WIN!

In case you were following on Pinterest, this inspired an all out fashion frenzy for me today. I started pinning things like crazy, feeling determined that I can make this work. Of course, there are still going to be days when Landon and I don't leave the house, so we don't change out of our PJ's, and that's ok, everybody needs those days. And even despite all this, I will still probably go out into public at least once a week dressed less that socially acceptable. The only reason I put jeans and mascara on today was that I had to stop into Jeremy's work...where the women are always perfect. Always. So I felt the need to least a little bit. Plus, don't want to embarrass the boss. But really, jeans and mascara was as far as it went. BUT. At least I have motivation now to actually least ONE day a week. (We'll see how long this lasts, but I'm feeling hopeful. My hormone levels must be right on today or something, ha!)

Made a homemade chicken pot pie for dinner tonight! Which was a success! Even despite the fact that the entire thing was made with a 1 year old clinging to me saying "Hot, Mama" or "Up, Mama", and then screaming insanely when I would say "Not right now, Boo". Finally, a cup of milk and graham cracker sticks were the cure to THAT dilemma. So simple to be one....

Big news. The gates came down today. That's right, the gates that have become famous in every picture I post of Landon, because they are well....everywhere. Long story short, he figured out how to escape (see crazy adorable video on facebook), and it just wasn't worth it anymore. I was picturing scratched limbs, stuck heads (well, head, he only has one...), and lots of screams. So the only ones that remain standing now are the ones guarding our TV, which will probably be there until he's 10 because that thing scares me shitless with the possibilities of it falling on him. So....really....most of my day was spent chasing after the newly freed toddler who had a blast discovering how quick he could get into just about everything. Needless to say, I'm exhausted, and I currently have a hair tie holding the doors on my china cabinet together so he can't get in. Classy.

My biggest accomplishment today, even bigger than the fashion scores, the delicious pot pie, and my awesome hair tie security system, is that I got to SIT DOWN and PAINT MY NAILS!!! It's a rarity lately, but if you know me, you know I love me some nail polish. And the best part? I kicked the nail polishes ass too. NO touch ups needed, not even on my right hand, which let's face it, that's a once in a lifetime feat. Goooooo meeeee!!!

Now I have a bathed babe, being read to while he drinks his bottle, and about to hit the hay. Which means some time with the hubbs, which is another rarity this day it seems. **Oh, and, for those of you who are wondering, despite my massive germaphobia, I really wouldn't bathe my child every.single.night if he would stop choosing to share his dinner with his hair every.single.night. I just can't bring myself to put him to bed with green beans and chicken pieces stuck up there.** And tomorrow is the day....a day OUT with my BESTIE to IKEA. There is nothing about that sentence that isn't great. Fabulous even. And ya know what? I'm gonna rock the green jeans....

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