Monday, September 10, 2012

Manic Monday

Happy Monday! (Isn't that sort of an oxy moron?)

First things first: I want to say THANK YOU to everybody who has been reading along with me so far. Whether you've posted a comment here, or on facebook, or sent a text message or made a phone call to tell me how much you're enjoying it. I LOVE hearing that you're reading and going on this journey with me, and all of your words have been SO kind and SO inspiring! I am having a blast with this, and you all just make me want to keep going. So thanks!!

Secondly, the curtains are up! Which means I can reveal the last of my IKEA purchases from last week ;) (You've been dying to see, I'm quite sure). So, come on into our bedroom!

I am officially OBSESSED with this duvet. I have been begging Jeremy for months to let me paint our room blue, because it seemed so....I don't even know. He kept refusing, telling me to keep playing with the subtle beige that we have. And of course, he was RIGHT. It is now exactly how I want it, and a blue bedroom has never been further from my mind. Oh, and don't mind the large lump in the middle of the bed, that's just the cat ;)

Finally have curtains up on our formerly bare window (Thanks, Dad!). I recycled them from the living room when I changed those out, and they are PERFECT in the BEIGE bedroom.

Milk glass from my Grandma. Another obsession, and it fits in perfectly with the rest of the room :)

The paintings I made to match the new duvet. LOVE the metallic paint. So glad I took that risk.

And of course, the ultimate compliment to any good room: The perfect Scentsy warmer ;) Goes perfectly! Another recycle from the living room! 

So after completing my (now) perfect bedroom on Saturday, Landon and I headed out with my parents (Jeremy was off rooting on Michigan as they beat Air Force at the Big House) to buy some mums! Fall is here, folks. It's time! I wanted to bring Jeremy into the whole flower thing, so I decided this year I was going to get yellow mums and blue pots (ya know, Maize and Blue). Well of course, the nursery charges $20 per blue pot. Mmmm no thanks. But thank goodness I had my genius mother with me. We bought some plain ol' boring terra cotta pots (for $5 each, thank you very much) and some spray paint, and another project was born. So I spent Landon's nap time yesterday morning spray painting! Again, VERY happy with how it came out!

 +  =

LOVE them ALL! All I ask is that all you State fans not egg my house. I married into this craziness. But still....GO BLUE!

Can't argue with that cutie, right?

Oh, I also had a run in with this fella, who DISAPPEARED before I found a sucker to kill him. Great. So yes, my dreams have been haunted with this beast eating me and my family alive.

Last night we took my parents out to eat for their 30th Anniversary, which they'll celebrate tomorrow! (Pictures will come then) We had a great time and a great view of the water!

This morning marked the date for Landon's 15 month well check. And since I was too paranoid to let him get all his shots at the same time at his 12 month appointment, it meant more shots today. I don't think there is much that I hate more than putting a happy, giddy toddler in his carseat, totally unaware of what's about to happen to him, while I internally have panic attack after panic attack. Luckily, I absolutely adore our pediatrician, in fact he was MY pediatrician, and he always has a way of putting me at ease. Today his method included teasing me about my freak outs over how many words Landon is saying (In case you're wondering, he far exceeds his expectations, YAHOO), and telling me that he won't be enrolling into Harvard tomorrow, so I need to go easy on him. Ok, ok. But that doesn't mean I'll stop enunciating every single word like a maniac until he learns to say it. It's just what I do. But of course, my wonderful pediatrician isn't the one who gives the shots. It's the nurse. Who is ALSO wonderful, don't get me wrong. But Landon and the doctor have a special little bond, and understanding, he does NOT have that with the nurse. The compliant child I had while he was in the room, who let him stick things in his mouth, move every limb in some crazy way, and found his stethoscope hilarious, was replaced with a squirmy, SCREAMING child who did NOT want to be restrained by his small, struggling mother. I swear to Lucifer, I had broke a serious sweat by the time we were done. Not to mention that I wanted to curl into a ball and sob with him. HATE SHOTS!!!!!! (Go ahead, cue the mommies who don't vaccinate who think I'm evil. All I will say to you is this: I do NOT judge you on your choices for your family, so please don't judge me on mine. I trust my pediatrician implicitly, with my child's LIFE, and if he tells me that vaccinating is what's best for him, that's what I'm going to listen to. Not to mention my shot giving, nurse of a mother in law who probably kill me if I didn't vaccinate him. That's it. That's the only thing I'll say about it. No rant. Just my opinion.)

So I drug my screaming child out of the doctor's office and hit up Timmy Ho's, let's face it, I needed it after that. Put him happily in his crib to nap, and sat down here to vent about it all with you while I enjoy my coffee. 

I'm happy to say that I just retrieved that same blissfully happy toddler from his crib, who seems to have forgotten about all the torment he endured just a couple hours ago. Thank goodness. What he doesn't know is the next round of torment I have planned for both of us: Grocery shopping. Gag.


  1. My darling daughter.... You should have become a writer :) You have great talent !

  2. I completely write like a real professional. And I love hearing all about your life. Even though I haven't really known your life since we were in church youth group together! lol But you seem like such a strong woman, wife, mother, etc. I'm so happy to see how great your doing girl =)